2022 Updates

It has been a while since the last update on the Diamond S RV Park.  As we approach the 2022 RV Season in the Mission Mountain Valley, several projects have been completed or will completed:

RV site improvement – All of our sites were re-graveled, and several trees removed which were determined to be a threat to RV’s and our guests.


Site expansion – Finally!  Engineering plans were approved by the Montana Department of Environmental Quality in June 2021.  We delayed construction so as not to impose on our guests while the park was in operation.  Construction will now begin in March, and we anticipate these sites will be ready for the 2022 season.


Electrical power upgrades – Mission Valley Power and Koehn Electric completed electrical upgrades which addressed our site expansion needs and previous power issues in the park.


Laundry room – Our laundry facility is done thanks to Clearwater Plumbing, Kohen Electric, and Boudreau Carpentry. We now have coin operated washers and dryers, and spacious clothes folding area for the convenience of our guests. 


We hope to see you on 2022!