Diamond S 2023 Park Updates:


Calls are beginning to roll in for our 2023 summer season. Our small town of Ronan is experiencing some growing pains with the Ronan-North Project beginning this week. Construction is never fun to drive through but on the brighter side, we will be a 4 lane highway after this year. Just a few more changes going on around here:

1) Bike path coming from Polson will be finished and located adjacent to the Park.

2) There will be a traffic light slowing traffic down and making turning on to old hwy much easier.

3) More trees will be planted in the park to continue with our tree barrier and more shade.

4) An 8ft wildlife fence will run along side of hwy.The pain during construction can feel relentless at times but we will be here keeping our eye on the prize!

Time to Revitalize RonanPlease give me a call in the office with any questions(406) 676-2267Bonnie